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Al Manar University (Tripoli)

The idea of establishing Al-Manar University of Tripoli (MUT) dates to 1958, when the late Prime Minister Mr. Rashid Karami, together with educator Mr. Muhieddine Makkouk and a select group of leading citizens of Tripoli, decided to launch a project to meet the educational concerns of North Lebanon. In 1966, they formally established “Al-Manar Society”, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality education to students of North Lebanon and other regions of the Arab World.

  •     To offer higher and quality education and research comparable to international standards, satisfying students’ and society’s needs for qualified knowledge.
  •     To graduate students that can easily meet the market needs and challenges.
  •     To promote the interaction between higher education institutes and the private sectors of industry and business by holding seminars, symposia and workshops to train students in the business field while simultaneously continuing their studies.
  •     To contribute to the academic, economic and social development of North Lebanon in particular and Lebanon in general.

The English language is the required medium of instruction at MUT.

Al Manar University is the partner #11 of the MEDSEATIES project.