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Liguria Cluster of Maritime Technologies (DLTM)

The Liguria Cluster of Maritime Technologies (DLTM) arises from the strong will of the local community and constitutes an emblematic collaboration between companies, research institutions and administration, which, starting from La Spezia, embraces the whole Region of Liguria.

The aggregation of institutions and companies in DLTM involves the largest industrial groups of Liguria, a consortium of more than 100 innovative SMEs, the University of Genoa and all the public and regional research entities with interests in the reference sectors, as well as a comprehensive institutional representation. The DLTM consortium is open to new actors placed in the territory of Liguria, which share its goals and objectives, and is subsequently in constant growth.

The DLTM consortium was established with reference to the mission identified from Liguria Region and the Ministries of Education, University and Research, and Economic Development, on the basis of the feasibility analysis carried out in 2008.

The organizational structure includes the direct participation in the capital of large companies, universities, research institutes, and FILSE, representing the Regional Administration, and many others expressing financial interests in the specific sector; moreover, the corporate structure, includes the Italian Navy (through the Center for Naval Support and Testing) and the NATO Undersea Research Centre - NURC, with no corporate involvement.

The Liguria Cluster of Maritime Technologies (DLTM) is the partner #8 of the MEDSEATIES project.