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MedSeaties's Project Informs You! | October 2015 | Issue #2

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[ Project Activities ]

MedSeaties in Action: A First Set of Achievements
Since the beginning of the MEDSEATIES Project and after a first year of run, the partners have started to achieve several activities related to the definition and the implementation of their pilot projects; to the experience sharing and know-how transfer and to led initiatives for compiling a set of common indicators for governance of coastal zones.
Pilot Project in Al-Fayhaa: A Multi Faces' Rehabilitation of the Corniche
The pilot project take place on a stretch of the coastal zone of the Urban community of Al-Fayhaa (UCF) - Lebanon and specifically on the 8 kilometres stretch of the Corniche, common between Tripoli and Mina, west of the UCF.
The coastal zone regroups various characteristics as the ancient City of El-Mina; a touristic place; sport activities...

Local Working Groups: Presentation of Five ICZM Approaches in Toulon
Toulon Provence Méditerranée organized on July 28 the second Local Working Group (LWG) focused on connexions and the opening up of the five ICZM approaches around the territory of the bay of Hyères.
The program of this meeting was to work on the common synthesis report presenting the five ICZM approaches.



[ Partners Activities ]

ASEZA highlight: New Sea Side Challenge

The current coastal planning process applied by ASEZA is fully dependent on the General Master Plan of ASEZA and its mapping which includes land use plan, environmental constrains as well as beach protection zone.
This process has been effective in defining what goes in the dry side of the coastal zone, yet the sea side is still a challenge to ASEZA...


The Pole Mer Méditerranée General Assembly: 10 years of Maritime Innovation
The Pole Mer Méditerranée (PMM) has celebrated its 10 years anniversary on October 15, 2015 at Neptune Palace, in Toulon (France). The General Assembly gathered 200 participants of which policy makers and representatives from large enterprises, innovative SMEs and research organizations involved in the Blue Growth sectors.
Al-Manar Highlight: Protocol for “Clean Beach Initiation” Project
The Al-Manar University of Tripoli (MUT) and the Rotary Club of Tripoli have signed a protocol of cooperation in the project for a clean Mina Coastline: “Clean Beach initiation”.
Tripoli Rotary Club works to coordinate a campaign entitled “clean beach initiation” in selected sites in Al-Mina City in accordance with the Municipality based on a Protocol...

“Parlement de la Mer”: A Unique Collaboration Tool for Policy Makers and Professionals of the Sea
The “Parlement de la Mer” (The Sea Parliament) aims at gathering the regional maritime community and at mobilizing these actors on stakes related to development and preservation.
This organization, which brings together policy makers and sea professional, is a unique collaboration tool


[ About MedSeaties ]

MedSeaties aims at contributing to the empowerment of Mediterranean local authorities and private stakeholders in the multi-level decision-making processes related to the management of coastal cities.
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This newsletter has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union under the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme.

The contents of this newsletter are the sole responsibility of Municipality of Marseille and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union or of the Programme’s management structures.


[ Save the Date! ]

November 3-4 – “Assises de l’Economie de la Mer” – Marseille, France
The “Assises de l’Economie de la Mer” (Sea’s Economy Audience) has become the annual “rendezvous” reference of political and economic stakeholders in the maritime world. For this 11th edition, during two days of discussions around round tables, interviews and workshops... these are nearly 80 players who rise up the table on the economy of the French sea in Europe and worldwide, to prepare the future.
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November 4-9 – Mediterranean Economic Week – Marseille, France
The 9th edition of the Mediterranean Economic Week will focus on the role of “Cities and Territories, drivers of economic development in the Mediterranean”. Last year, during the four days, more than 30 events took place and gathering over 300 participants from 17 countries.
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November 17-18 – Symposium Acting today for Coast of the Future – Montpellier, France
The Symposium: “Acting today for the coast of the future” will focus on critical issues around a pragmatic approach: sharing knowledge on coastal risks; living with risks; accompanying the adaptation of territories; and financing strategies.
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November 24 – Final conference of the Gouv’AIRnance Project – Aqaba, Jordan
The Gouv'AIRrnance project aims to reduce the health impact of air pollution through better knowledge of the air quality. Next month will be held the last transnational meeting, closing the project. It will aim to present a summary of actions in each partner city and consider the prospects for integrated territorial governance of the air quality through cooperation projects in the Mediterranean.
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November 25-27 – Coastal & Maritime Mediterranean Conference – Ferrara, Italy
This three-day Mediterranean Conference will be focused on coastal risks management in the Mediterranean; coastal and maritime port planning; sediment transport (problems and solutions); and river sediment delivery to the Mediterranean Sea. Important coastal and maritime engineering projects will be discussed during round tables and workshops.
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December 3-4 – Copernicus Marine Service Workshop – La Spezia, Italy
The first Copernicus Marine Service User & Training Workshop dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea is open to current or potential future users of CMEMS who have a general interest in ocean products covering the Mediterranean Sea (either as service providers or end users, for research or business purposes).
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December 17 – Bay Gold Islands Committee – Toulon, France
The Bay gold Islands Committee, chaired by Mr. Gilles VINCENT will meet in Toulon to validate the Hyères Bay Contract Project before submitting it to the Rhone Mediterranean basin committee that will take place in June 2016.
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[ It Happened... ]

September 9-10 – Mediterranean Deep Sea Ecosystem meeting – Marseille, France
This first meeting was an occasion for participant organizations to assess the information currently available on deep sea environments and to discuss collaboration opportunities and possible measures that can be taken to gather and obtain additional data to better manage these vulnerable ecosystems. The Mediterranean Deep Sea Ecosystems meeting discussed current pressures and the mitigation measures that can be taken to reduce the degradation of highly threatened ecosystems in the Mediterranean area.
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September 17-19 – BiodiversCities 2015 – Marseille, France
The international seminar “BiodiversCities 2015” took place on September 17-19 in Marseille. Co-organized by the National Park of Port Cros, Aix-Marseille University, the City of Marseille and IUCN; this event focused on “Cities and natural parks: building an urban nature?”. The objectives were to (i) exchange experiences around management of national parks in urban and peri-urban areas; (ii) present the research underway; and (iii) ensure the development of cooperation between protected area managers.
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September 21 – European Cooperation Day – Across Europe
People across Europe came together to celebrate cooperation in general and building bridges between local communities across borders. Public events took place during these days in almost 40 countries. Next to having fun and celebrating, this was an opportunity to discover the improvements local initiatives have brought to many aspects of our daily lives; from creating jobs to improving health care services, transport or energy efficiency and protecting the environment.
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September 24 – Opening of the Center for Treatment and Re-use of Harbor Sediments – Toulon, France
The opening of the Center for treatment and re-use of harbor sediments took place in the bay of Toulon. This site is operated by the Belgian company ENVISAN subsidiary of the group JAN DE NUL (Company number one for dredging in the world). Attended by the national and regional political world, the inauguration of this Eco-Materials Production Centre (CPEM) is the first Center of its kind in the Mediterranean area.
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October 14 – Regional Meeting of the Sea and the Coast – Marseille, France
The 9th edition of the regional meetings of the sea and coast aimed to enhance the Sea and the coastline as a strategic area for the deployment of public policies dedicated to sustainable development of the territory and well-being. During this day of exchanges, four themes were discussed: (i) the ecological and energy transition from the Sea; (ii) regional land based on the land sobriety; (iii) economic development for employment; and (iv) solidarity and sociability within territories.
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