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Toulon Provence Métropole Urban Community

Created in 2002, the agglomeration Toulon Provence Mediterranée community brings together twelve communes.

Toulon is the first French military port welcoming more than 60% of the tonnage of the national fleet. Industrial activity of the harbor is logically oriented activities related to equipment and shipbuilding industry. It is also now developing innovative activities oriented towards the sea in the Mediterranean Sea and the pole Toulon Rade Grand Project.

The coastal areas necessary for the implementation of economic activities are rare around the harbor and in competition with other types of activities such as the locations of the Navy, the marine and coastal activities and tourist culture. Thus, it is necessary to develop a rational approach to the scarcity of coastal areas reserving spaces for near-shore activities requiring proximity to a quayside or sea nearby. This logic is orchestrated in the harbor of Toulon as part of Project Grand Toulon harbor area that promotes economic activity quayside called "marine base" and a land base a few kilometers away from the coast. These two complementary ZAE are in direct communication by dedicated channels.

Toulon Provence Métropole Urban Community is the partner #6 of the MEDSEATIES project.