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Transnational Meetings

4 Steering and Technical Committee meetings will take place during the project.

  • The Steering Committee, made up of a member from each partner institution and coordinated by AVITEM, is the decision-making body for the project and verifies compliance with the objectives set regarding results reached in each phase of the project. It met regularly in conjunction with the Technical Committee.
  • The Technical Committee provides to the Steering Committee information and recommendation concerning the general orientation of the project; draws up a common methodology to adapt to principles, norms and regulations of the diverse realities; analyses the different governance and policy options proposed in each territory; and builds up the Policy Implementation Guidelines. This Technical Committee is composed of all the partners of the project.

These meetings enable partners to:

  •     Follow up the project implementation;
  •     Share the on going activities results;
  •     Prepare the next activities;
  •     Communicate methodological orientations to all the partners;
  •     Implement administrative tasks and financial balance;
  •     Solve common problems.

At the end of each meeting, the SC will officially approve the decisions taken. The 4 Steering and Technical Committee meetings will be organized by each of the hosting partners (Marseilles, Al Fayhaa, Genoa, ASEZA).


Steering Committees

// Thessaloniki, April 16-17, 2015.


// Genoa, September 23-25, 2014.


Kick-Off Meetings

// Marseille, January, 20-21, 2014.